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Filagra User Reviews

I have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for a number of years now. Believe me when I say that there is nothing more depressing than that. I was always sad and depressed and always felt like all I could do was disappoint my wife. In my mind, I was a terrible husband, unable to give my wife something she wanted. It was hard on our whole marriage. It almost ruined us. I saw a number of specialists and doctors and they all told me more or less the same thing. This one doctor, though, prescribed a drug I’d never heard of before called Filagra (which is weird because it is just generic sildenafil). I took this drug and suddenly it was like all my problems were fixed. I could get and sustain an erection and soon enough I was able to satisfy my wife’s needs. I have never been happier.


This is an amazing pill.


I love Filagra. It is one hell of a drug and has helped me get over my problems of erectile dysfunction. Since I started taking this pill, I have been able to get an erection and sustain it for quite some time. The only complaints I have about Filagra is that it gives me mild headaches and my penis sort of hurts when it stays hard too long (which I guess would happen with or without it). Still, these are very small prices to pay to get an erection. I am very happy I found Filagra.


The kind of depression I got from my erectile dysfunction condition is nothing to be sniffed at. I found it hard to go about my daily life because I knew I had this condition. It stressed me out every hour of every day and it was also a major burden to my wife. She was just about as depressed as I was. So, anyway, I went to the doctor and after he prescribed Filagra to me, I began getting erections. Just like that, all the sadness and depression my wife and I had began to vanish. I can’t complain about side effects because I honestly have not experienced any thus far. I am simply reaping the benefits of this drug.


I have had this problem (ED) for over five years now. It is really annoying and depressing and at first I thought there was nothing I could do about it. However, I consulted a doctor who put me on a bunch of different pills a bunch of different times. Each time, these pills worked for a bit before ultimately failing. But, when the doctor told me to take Filagra (5mg about 30 minutes before any sexual activity), everything changed. I could get an erection and perform just about any sexual activity. Basically, it changed my whole outlook on life. I have been on this pill for years and it has never let me down. It doesn’t disappoint. Every time I need it, I swallow it and I get hard. On top of that, I have never experienced any negative reaction as a result of the pill. So, I’ll keep on taking it.


I don’t see a difference between Filagra and other sildenafils.


I am rather jealous of those who have used Filagra and benefitted fully with no side effects to show for it. I took this drug when I realized I had ED and it worked really well at first. I was able to get an erection and the side effects were the odd mild headache. But many months later, I could still get an erection as a result of the drug but the side effects got more and more severe. The headaches were like nasty migraines, the nausea was unbearable, the stomach pains were just too much; in short, I didn’t see the erection as worthwhile when I compared it to the side effects I got from this drug. Everyone’s body is different. Filagra is exceptional for some people and absolute crap for others. I guess the only way you would know whether or not it’s good for you is if you use it. I paid a steep price for getting an erection. I was forced to seek other alternatives.


I have to say this is the best drug I have taken for my erectile dysfunction condition. It works really well.